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Why People run Away From Coaching

Trying to convince your clients to commit to the coaching sessions is a challenge that many coaches face.

Why People run Away From Coaching

Many coaches even those who are very talented and highly skilled struggle a lot to get their clients and to convince them to commit to the coaching sessions. They keep trying many different ways each time and spend much effort and time and even money to reach their clients and keep wondering why people can hardly try coaching sessions. Even those who have coaching sessions and experienced the difference would not easily ask for coaching sessions.

In reality there are many reasons that may scare people from coaching for example: the fear from being vulnerable or being judged or from uncovering their secrets. Indeed if we took a deep look at the process of coaching itself (regardless the techniques used during the session) we find that it’s always dealing with thoughts or thinking patterns that cause “pain”!

Challenging emotions

In fact we don’t realize that we have a limiting thought unless we feel pain and when we try to find out the cause of this pain or try to deal with it, we discover the limiting thought. This pain is the critical point in the whole process because feeling pain means that the brain has attached emotions to the thought so when we begin challenging this thought we find ourselves challenging the emotion/s attached to it which is very painful and scary because emotions are energy that’s why we have to deal with them very carefully and direct them in a positive empowering direction to avoid any destructive effect.

This emotional challenge is the real battle from which people run away, many people can challenge their thoughts but very few ones can tolerate the pain of challenging an emotion.

As coaches we should be conscious to this fact and deal with it cautiously during the session and it’s our responsibility both ethically and professionally to help the coachee to de-attach their emotions from the thoughts being coached.

Despite its uneasiness, yet the success of this step would guarantee the efficiency of the coaching session and the commitment of the coachee for further sessions.

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Dr. Maha is a pharmacist, health & wellness coach, supplements advisor ,sports nutrition advisor ICI certified life coach, Emotional Intelligence coach. She holds a bachelor degree in pharmaceutical science from Cairo University besides a diploma in Clinical Pharmacy.

She believes that a healthy life begins with a healthy mindset, supported by healthy emotions and healthy diet leading to commitment to healthy habits.

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