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Do I Need a Coach?

Do I need a coach? Is coaching for me? Can it improve the various areas of life that I am struggling with? If these are questions you have asked yourself, you are not alone.

Do I Need a Coach?

Many people have pondered similar questions to the above at different points in their life and work.

The benefits of coaching are indisputable. Starting the process however calls for self-reflection on the state of your life or career. For some people, it may not be immediately evident that you need a coach. Yet, you may find yourself losing motivation, feeling disengaged or getting overwhelmed.

To put things in perspective, the tips below shed light on four types of experiences that indicate you may benefit from a coach:

The Sky is the limit

You are in a good place in your life. You are feeling good about yourself and your adrenaline is pumping. It is as if you have gotten a dose of the feel-good hormone. You believe your dreams are valid and indeed, they are, and you know it. You have known it for some time. The sky is the limit, and you are a living example of ambition. You want to move from good to great. Or from great to the GOAT (the greatest of all time) or even better, to significance. 

What has given you this natural high? Is it the new start-up you are working on? Or that career goal you are determined to achieve? Or the transition to a new life? Perhaps you are starting your dream job in a few days?

Do you sometimes wonder if all you are feeling is real? Do you experience the famous imposter syndrome? Does the excitement of success make you feel somewhat dizzy? Do you wonder if your ego is getting the better part of you? Do you need someone tough enough to challenge you and hold you accountable on your flight to wonderland? That is what coaches do. Coaching is for those moving towards their ambitions with zest, like you. It is also for those struggling to scale the heights. Read on. 

Dripping tap

Is there an issue that has been nagging you consistently?

Is there an issue that you were struggling with a year ago that is still a problem to date? Is it something you genuinely want to solve but you are not sure how?

Have your trusted family members, friends, or work colleagues hinted that you should address it? Is it life or work related?

Examples of such persistent struggle issues (or dripping tap) include below-par performance at work, career stagnation, confidence and relationship challenges, and many more.

Elephant in the room

Is there an issue that you have been avoiding to deal with?

Have you ever been asked, ‘what keeps you awake at night?' When is the last time that an issue bothered you to the point of being a dominant thought at bedtime for more than a few days or weeks?

 Is it the start-up challenge? Or the merger that you are leading? Was it the organizational restructuring? Or personal financial stress? Perhaps maybe a new project?

Do you often procrastinate on the 'big issue' or the 'the elephant in the room' because it tends to give you jitters? Whatever the issue it is, it is normal to experience tension. As long as the tension remains creative rather than a barrier, you are on good ground.

But if you get jitters or even experience thought blocks every time you try to put your mind around the issue, it may be time to get a coach.


Do you find yourself at a crossroads?

You must have heard the story of the greedy hyena from childhood fables. In the story, hungry hyena was roaming about when he picked the whiff of fresh meat and hurried in its direction. Along the way came he came to a crossroads. But the scent of meat was coming from both directions. The indecisive hyena made the foolish decision to follow both roads at the same time. As you know, the rest is mythical history.

What are the major crossroads in your life? Another more academic term for crossroads is major life decisions or events. Such decisions can be associated with significant psychological stress.

They include career choices, marriage or divorce, job changes, relocations, and others. While it's not always necessary to get a coach during these crossroads, if you find yourself struggling or the crossroad gives you persistent jitters, it's time to find a suitable coach to help you navigate.


Are you in the midst of any of the three experiences described above? Do you genuinely want to succeed and come strong but are not sure how? Coaching can be a valuable avenue to help you face up to these issues. If you aspire to succeed and grow in life and career, then coaching can show you the way.

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