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How Can a Coach use CoachLinks to Gain Competitive Edge?

Are you an accredited coach who is looking for a platform to share your expertise, meet new clients, and make connections with like minded professionals? If so, then you have come to the right place.

How Can a Coach use CoachLinks to Gain Competitive Edge?

CoachLinks is a premier coaching platform that brings together coaches, coaching institutions, organizations and individuals to help them connect, grow and learn.

But why is this important? The coaching industry in Africa is still young. At CoachLinks, we believe that bringing these entities together can ultimately elevate the industry to a point where it transforms people, organizations, and Africa in totality.   

One of the issues that coaches are grappling with in Africa is visibility. How do potential clients such as individuals and organizations find you? How do you share your thought leadership in areas that you are passionate about? How do you stay abreast of what is happening in the coaching industry in Africa?

We know that as a coach you care deeply about these issues. This platform is an attempt to answer not only these questions but provide you with the connections, resources, and learning opportunities you need to gain and maintain competitive edge in the market.

How Can CoachLinks give you a competitive edge and put you ahead of the pack?

Some of the benefits you will enjoy from joining CoachLinks include:


When you join CoachLinks, you will be able to create a profile that will make you visible to millions of prospective clients all over the world. Thousands of visitors coming to the site will be able to find your profile when they search using the dedicated ‘coach finder’ button. They can also see your profile in the dedicated coaching section based on your area of expertise.


At CoachLinks, we don’t leave anything to chance. While creating a platform on this premier site will give you visibility, choosing the professional or executive packages will unlock our dedicated digital marketing strategies that will put you in front of your target clientele. If you are a coach but you also have a full time job, it may be difficult to find time to market yourself or look for clients. Our marketing team will manage this for you seamlessly, allowing you to concentrate on your job but also grow your coaching presence.

Peer to Peer Learning

One of the biggest advantages of registering on CoachLinks is the chance to interact with other coaches on the platform. We offer you the chance to discuss issues affecting the industry as a whole, or even your specific niche. You can also get tips and insights from other coaches on how to charge for your services or even how to run a coaching business. Most importantly, you will stay in touch with the rest of the industry and be a part of the elite club that is moving coaching forward in Africa.


Getting your coaching credentials is one thing, but how do you utilize them to grow a sustainable business? CoachLinks is at hand to offer you the business support that you need. Whether you are looking for administrative assistance, profile development, or RFP response support, you will find it here. We also have a ‘coach starter pack’ designed specifically for new coaches looking to grow their business.

Research & Learning

As a coach, it is in your best interests to stay in touch with the industry, deepen your knowledge but also share your expertise. The CoachLinks platform keeps you current with customized tips, new trends and emerging issues in coaching. Similarly, it offers yo an opportunity to be a thought leader in an area of your interest by giving you an opportunity to write thought articles, conduct webinars or other speaking engagements.

Do good

You will agree with us that there is tremendous joy in doing good. Most people go wrong by waiting to get rich, or have extras, so that they can give. The secret is to start where you are with what you have. As a coach, we invite you to give an hour of pro bono coaching to youth led enterprises, SMEs, women led organizations or other deserving causes that interest you. In doing so, you will not only be building experience, but also elevating the coaching industry. Not to mention the immense value that you will bring to the said organizations/ persons.

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