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Transition 102: Challenge and Win the Mindset Battle

This part of the series will raise some questions that you can use to challenge some commonly held mindsets to see what options you may have- some of which you do not know or think are available to you!

Transition 102: Challenge and Win the Mindset Battle

"If you want to break through, your mind[set] should be able to control your body. Your mind[set] should be a part of your fitness." Eliud Kipchoge

I know that as you’ve reflected on these real-life cases, you must be wondering whether it is even possible for you to make a transition. Do you need the disruption? Do you have to leave your job, sell your business or run away to make a transition? Where do you start?

This part of the series will raise some questions that you can use to challenge some commonly held mindsets to see what options you may have- some of which you do not know or think are available to you!

Here, I share here some of the questions and reflections I use with my clients. I am always amazed at the options they come up with. Most of the time the transition doesn’t need much more change than a change in mindset.

Challenge your mindset on leadership

I was often asked this question: What is the plan? In marriage? In business? In the community? Yet no one had ever processed with me how one makes a plan, where the plan comes from or showed me examples of people who had plans or what their lives were like. Consider answering the following questions on your leadership:

As an individual:

What are my dreams? What have my experiences been pointing me towards? Who do I want to empower & equip with my life story and experiences? What do I want to do more of and less of? What obstacles are in my way? What message, structure and resources do I want to be guiding my family’s generations 200 years from now? What do I really want to be remembered for?  

For my family:

Do I have a clear vision for my family? Do I have written goals? What are my spouse’s dreams? How are the dreams and gifts of my spouse and children aligned to the vision? Do they feel appreciated and empowered to thrive guided by that vision? How have I asked for or collected this information? In what ways do my daily choices live out in integrity to my family’s core values and how are they leading towards the family vision? If I am no longer there, does my family thrive or crumble?

About other people:

Who am I sitting under and learning from? Who has the power to hold me to account? Who am I mentoring?

For my organization:

What is my mission? Who is my client? What are my client priorities, goals and values; How am I uniquely positioned to meet them; How clear and effective is my value proposition to meet these needs? What are the expectations of my family, clients, employees, partners, and boards from my business? What is my plan of action?

For my industry:

What industry needs my expertise? What options, causes or platforms are available for me to serve in, give to and hone my skills and competence in? Are there any start-up accelerators, ministries or community volunteer organizations that could use my skills? Do a SWOT analysis.

How does my journey uniquely place me to make strengths even stronger? How will my journey uniquely place me to mitigate or remove threats and weaknesses? What opportunities could be exciting or profitable to action? What new opportunities could be generated from my strengths that no one has thought of yet?

2. Challenge your mindset on how money works

At the core of all we do is the question: Can we be rewarded with a good return on our investment in time, money and relationships? It may be a good time then to reflect on how money works.

What dreams do I, my spouse and children have that require finances? What is the target amount to live comfortably off? What do I know about passive income? What do I know about net worth? What do I know about debt? What do I know about leaving a financial inheritance that will be serving generations 200 years from now?

Do I have a living budget? Do I have a giving budget to causes I believe in? Do I have a life coach to navigate a quality-of-life transition?  Do I have a financial planner? Am I reading books, attending courses, belong in a community that challenges my mindset on how money works? In addition to all these questions, what insurance and non-financial focus can I give to protect my health?

3. Challenge your skills and competence

You can sharpen your self-awareness, values, dreams, obstacles, self-discovery, gain, clarity using coaches, transformative books/guides, a community (of those that mentor you or that you mentor) and platforms to practice in real life the gifting, skills and competence you are uncovering and honing.

That’s it with challenging your mindset. What stood out for you? What new discoveries did you make? What do you want to do with that new mindset or point of view? 

Part 3 of the series will take advantage of that new burst of energy and empower you to commit to some practical steps that will jolt you into action when you’re done.

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About the Author

Dr. Louis is a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur and leadership coach. He is currently leading a healthcare platform and technology company, Medkit Network, while empowering business owners, CEO's and Executives to build impactful, more innovative and resilient startups, change-focused and growth-focused companies. He serves in & gives through various boards aligned to the causes he believes in, he’s a pharmacist and current President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya.

You can send him your insights & questions on Twitter or Email.

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