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The European Mentoring and Coaching Council


The EMCC exists to develop, promote and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring, coaching, and supervision globally for the benefit of society.
Our vision is to be the ‘go to’ body in mentoring, coaching, and supervision.


EMCC Credentials

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  • EIA - EMCC Global Individual Accreditation
  • EQA - European Quality Award
  • ESIA - European Supervision Individual Award
  • ESQA - European Supervision Quality Award
  • ISMCP - International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes
  • TCQA - EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award
  • ITCA - EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation
  • IPMA - EMCC Global Individual Programme Manager Accreditation
  • PMQA - EMCC Global Programme Manager Quality Award